Amina Trust is a not-for-profit organization based in Doda City, Jammu and Kashmir. It was founded in 2005 by Nasir Haji, a businessman and philanthropist based in Singapore, originally from Doda. The simple aim of the Trust is to better the lives of people in the region - through improvement of education and civic facilities, and assisting (financially or otherwise) orphans, widows, handicapped persons and other deserving candidates. 


The Trust functions from donations which are spent as follows: 

- MAIN THRUST: Operating a chain of schools throughout the region - Haji Public School 

- Providing monthly financial aid to the poor 

- Providing medical aid and money for treatments 

- Providing education loans and scholarships, especially to women 

- Improvement of sanitary facilities like public toilets, general cleanliness etc., in the region 

The funds for Amina Trust comprise primarily of donations from family and friends. Overheads and operational costs are not deducted from the money donated towards projects. All of your financial aid will go directly towards the projects with no operation costs being taken out of the donations.